First off I want to say “I’m Sorry and I Apologize.

When I started in photography many, many years ago, I always dreamed of owning my own photography business.  Yes, I was taken in by the “rock star” mentality of what it was to be a photographer.  Back then, it took special equipment and processing to produce photos, but what I didn’t realize was the “back room” processes of photography.  I said that like it was a bad thing…. not at all…. the “back room” of photography to which I’m referring to is the business side of photography.  What does it take to run a business?  What paperwork do you need?  What processes should you have in place?

Well, when I started thinking about it for real a couple years ago, I grabbed a business license and started in.  Soon, I became overwhelmed with the amount of time that it took “outside of the studio” to process the photographs and do the “business” of photography.  You can think of the photography business as an iceberg.  Very beautiful to look at above the water, but the 7/8 of the iceberg below the waterline is what you have to watch out for… just ask the people on the Titanic!

In the last few months I’ve taken a hard look at what I’ve been doing and have been doing a lot of figuring and planning.  I still don’t have it down yet, but I’m working on it.  In the past I’ve been plagued with slow delivery times, something which has really killed me.  I could make excuses for it such as I’m baby-sitting my grandchildren, or my other obligations have been keeping me too busy, or …or… or… or… But the fact of the matter is, I’ve dropped the ball.  For this, I apologize most profusely.  I’ve been taking a lot of classes and doing a lot of reading on business and the “process” of photography and feel that I am started to develop a better feel for my business.

Please don’t give up on me yet because photography is my first love and I’m working on making it my main focus.