Once you have decided to have your photograph made, the age-old question comes up.  No, it’s not “where do you want to eat tonight?”  It’s, “What should I wear for my portraits?”  There are always those portraits that are made with people in a uniform or that have to follow a certain dress code, and if that’s the case, great!  We can work with that.  However, if you don’t have to follow those guidelines, then perhaps the following suggestions will help you decide.  If you are truly stuck, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


  • The camera sees things differently than the human eye does.  Stripes, plaids, florals and logos that look great most of the time but are visually distracting in a photograph. They will dominate an image and should be avoided. Solid colors are always best.
  • Clothes that are baggy will make you look bigger in a photograph. On the other hand, anything that is too tight may confine you and make you look uncomfortable. Necklines are important.  V-necks and simple collars that flatter the face look the best on women. Men’s dress shirts should be fitted properly. If you wear a tie, make sure that your collar isn’t too loose or too tight.
  • Dark clothing minimizes body size and light tones tend to emphasize body size. To look taller and thinner, choose a monochromatic outfit.
  • Bare arms are visually incongruous in most photographic settings. Unless you are being photographed on the beach or at a formal party, it is best to have your arms covered.


  • The day of your session is not a good time to experiment with a new hair style. Wear your hair the way that you do most of the time. Trim your hair if necessary, but do not be too excessive.
  • When it comes to make up, LESS is always more. Some people have their make-up applied for them, but remember, the Duchess of Cambridge did her own make up for her wedding to the future King of England!
  • Never worry about blemishes. I will take care of those for you.
  • If you have a heavy beard, plan to shave shortly before your photo session.
  • If you wear glasses, glare can present a problem. It is best to either forgo glasses or to wear frames without the lenses.


  • Do your best to get eight hours of sleep on the night prior to your photo session and believe it or not, drink plenty of water.  This will help your skin to look it’s best for your photo session. This is the best tip that I can give you!


P.S.   Murphy’s Law says that your favorite outfit will be at the cleaners or at the bottom of your laundry pile. Try on and hang up everything that you want to wear the night before, and America’s Next Top Model will have nothing on you on the day of your photo session.