Boudoir Photography FAQs

What is Boudoir Photography?

While some may know the term ‘boudoir’ to be a derivative of the French word ‘boudeur,’ meaning sulky, more people will relate to the word boudoir as a lady’s private bedroom or dressing room… We strive to capture the sensuality and mystique of the boudoir vibe while maintaining our clients’ dignity, privacy and above all, their boundaries.  My clients are my top priority, so if getting completely naked is NOT on their priority list, this is a non-issue for me.  Being naked is absolutely not synonymous with the word ‘boudoir.’ Not in our book.”  Boudoir portraiture has been gaining immense popularity in recent years.  As women, you spend endless amounts of time and money pampering yourselves with beauty products and services, clothing, accessories, fitness and even plastic surgery to make you feel beautiful.  By investing in portraiture of yourselves, we can capture and document your beauty to treasure for a lifetime.

I have a little problem area that I don’t like about by body – is there anything you can do?

Regardless of age or body type, I specialize in offering all women an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal collection of stunning, modern boudoir portraits.  It is my belief that every person is very different and has something incredible to capture. My beauty retouching includes skin perfecting, body contouring and feature enhancement if you so desire. Every detail is covered from wrinkles to acne, scars, cellulite and stretch marks. You don’t have to worry about these little imperfections. I have everything covered.  However, with that being said, sometimes it’s the little imperfections that bring out your inner beauty.  We will modify things upon request.  Flattering your best features, I will provide you with something truly unique to show how you just how beautiful you are.  My posing techniques and unique camera perspectives are designed to emphasize the positives and disguise any problem areas – and if I miss something while posing I’ll make sure that it’s taken care of in the photo finishing/retouching process. You’ll never know.

Do you do touch ups or airbrushing?

Yes, touch ups are done on all printed products such as large prints, calendars, and albums.

Are boudoir pictures still flattering for someone without a model type figure?

Of course! Women of all shapes, sizes, ages and color have been photographed and if done right, boudoir photographs are flattering for everyone.

I’m a little uncomfortable about nudity.

Nudity is certainly not necessary and I will not push you to go further than you feel comfortable with.  I am a firm believer in that sexy isn’t always about how much you show, it’s all about how you show it and that leaving something to the imagination is sometimes much sexier than baring it all.

How much, um, “grooming” are most women doing before these photo shoots?

Okay, bear with us here. Unless you, personally, are still into the 70s look and like things a little more, how shall we say, ‘au naturale,’ we recommend shaving or waxing any area that will not be covered in a photo session. It’s always best to do this a little bit before the shoot, if you have sensitive skin, to avoid razor born or skin rash. Skin rash can be unsightly and uncomfortable and I might add more difficult to cover in an editing session.  We want our clients to feel as beautiful, sexy and unconquerable as possible!  Women who feel sexy, will behave sexier.  It’s science.  Of course, anything that comes out looking ‘unsightly’ to our clients, once they see their photos, can be Photoshopped, if necessary.

If I choose to have my boudoir session done in a hotel is that included?

We normally shoot in a person’s home, a studio or in an outdoor location, but if you would like to have your boudoir photo session in an upscale hotel then that will be included in the fee. 

Do you need a deposit to reserve my photo shoot?

Yes, I need a non-refundable session fee and a signed agreement to reserve your photo shoot. Easy online booking is available.

What do I wear for my session?

For hygienic reasons I cannot provide your wardrobe.  However, I can give you some fantastic recommendations based on a questionnaire that I have you fill out prior to your session.  I also created a private board where I can share with you some suggestions and you can post some of your own for me!  Once you’ve scheduled your session I provide you with my recommendations for styling and preparing for your session.  If you’re struggling at all during the preparation phase of this experience I am happy to schedule a complimentary styling consultation and together, we will create the look you want.  Some styling options include a simple bra and panty set, a corset, teddy, chemise, camisole, garters, thigh high stockings and robes. While black is the standard in sexy, all colors are great and give a nice variety of looks to your final images. Other options include variety of high heels, high boots, jewelry, scarves, hats, ties.  Feel free to bring anything with you to accessorize your shoot and make it a more personalized experience.

How many prints are included with a boudoir session?

It depends on how many were taken and what you are ultimately going to want to end up with.  A session fee is charged for the photographers time and talent and all the photos are available to purchase a-la-carte after the photo session.

How far in advance should I plan if I want to give the photos as a gift?

I recommend doing your photo shoot 2-3 weeks before you plan on giving it as a gift. The photos will be available within 48 hours of the photo session for an in person ordering session and an album will take about 1 week to create.

Do you edit all of my photos?

Yes, the photographs are adjusted for the correct exposure, sharpness, color balance, and contrast.

Will my images be shown on your website or in your studio?

The images shown on my website, blog and in-studio displays are shown with the client’s permission only. At the time of booking you will be given an optional model release. You can decide to share approved images or to keep all of your images private. If you choose to keep your images private then your images will not be seen by anyone other than employees of James Hale Photography. I fully understand and respect the privacy of my clients.

Sounds great – but I’m feeling nervous about my shoot!

There’s no need worry, it’s natural to feel this way. I will guide you through each pose and know exactly which angles to capture for all body types to make you look like the beautiful woman you are. I’ll show you how to get those sexy poses and sultry looks. My sessions are designed to allow plenty of time to relax and feel comfortable which really shows in the final images. So leave everything up to me, just relax and enjoy yourself!

I’m too self conscious to do a boudoir session!

There’s no need worry, it is completely natural to feel this way.  I will guide you through every step of this experience.  From what to wear and through each pose.   I know exactly which angles to capture for all body types to make you look like the beautiful woman you are. You don’t need to know how to pose, you won’t have to do any performing and won’t be put on the spot. I will show you how to get those sexy poses and sultry looks.  My boudoir portrait sessions have been designed to allow plenty of time to relax and feel comfortable which really shows in the final images. So leave everything up to me … just relax and enjoy yourself!

How many images will I have to choose from?

Many images are captured during your session. Afterward, each image is put through a careful selection process. You will see only the images that meet my standards.  Images that do not meet these standards are deleted permanently during the selection process.  As a general rule you will see 50-75 images for every hour of shooting.

My session is booked – how do I prepare?

In preparation for your shoot, please think of the following things: Hair touch-ups, waxing, eyebrow shaping, manicure, pedicure, and moisturizing. Once your session is booked, I will send you my Client Guide which goes into further detail regarding preparation.  I’ll send you some information once you have booked on what to wear or bring with you and things you can do to make your session better.

I’d love to give a session as a gift. Can I do that?

Certainly! Gift Certificates are available for session fees and/or products or for the entire experience!

Once the photo shoot actually begins, what happens? You have a posing coach and props. Is that it? Do you coach people like Austin Powers, saying things like, “You’re a tiger”?

Yeah. ‘Say Cheese’ just doesn’t cut the mustard for this kind of photo shoot! I may first show you a pose and walk you through a few different variations of that pose and then try it while I’m photographing. I will encourage you to find your comfort zone in front of the lens if you’re a natural (some are).  Some need more coaching.  It’s a very individual thing for every woman and I’m patient and try to have a lot of fun during the session.  After that particular set is done, the client is given her robe to return to her boudoir to change outfits, touch up her makeup and return to her new set!  This may happen two or three times during the photo session.

Will my session be with a female photographer?

No.  I am most definitely male and because I’m male, I can give you a perspective that female photographers can not.  I know that sometimes women have a tendency to judge each other when they are together, even if they don’t talk about it.  And when it’s not talked about openly, women sometimes have a tendency to feel they are being judged by other women around them.  I know that it might be awkward at first to do a boudoir photo shoot with a man, but I assure you that I’m completely professional and a gentleman.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes! I can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal.

I’m ready to book a session.  What do I do now?

If you weren’t sent here after answering our questionnaire, then you to book your own personal boudoir photo session, you may call the studio at (816) 200-7247 or you can book your session online by going to THIS LINK.  Please note that the session fee serves as a retainer of service and is required at booking in order to save your session date.