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Family Portrait Photography and More...

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Portrait Photography

Portraits are our specialty. There are many types of portraits; Senior Graduation, Family, Engagement, Professional (Headshots), Maternity, Boudoir, Pet … and the list goes on. If there is one or more subjects that are in...
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Event Photography

Event photography can take many shapes, from covering non-profit events such as BikeMS or the AHA 5K Run/Walk, to Corporate Christmas parties and get-togethers. Full coverage candids are taken throughout the event with the option...
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The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

Even photographers hire photographers. “Why?” you ask. “If you own a good camera, you don’t need a professional photographer, right?” Wrong.  So, with a nod to David Letterman, here are the top 10 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer:

#10 –  You will be in the images. In most families, there is a designated ‘photographer’, and often it is Mom or Dad. This means that there are rarely any photos of Mom or Dad in the albums. Or, the photos of Mom or Dad aren’t so flattering as they have been taken by another member of the family that hasn’t practiced much.

#9 – Your session will be thought out and styled. Unlike family snapshots, when you book your photography session your photographer will guide you on how to style the session. This will involve choosing the right location to suit your style and family and will also cover what to wear and how to prepare. This single point can make a huge difference in how professional your images will look.

#8 – Quality of the equipment. Most of my clients own a DSLR. The fact that they hire me shows that they value photography, so many of them have their own camera as well. Although cameras are expensive, the cameras and lenses that your photographer owns cannot compare in quality to ordinary consumer cameras. Most clients love images where the subject is clear but the background is blurry. This is called bokeh. In order to achieve good bokeh, you need superior equipment. Your photographer will have all the equipment required to produce beautiful images, that most ordinary households won’t have.

#7 – Following on from point eight, your photographer will know how to use their equipment. Most of my clients that talk about their cameras will also admit to me that they turn their camera to auto and let their camera do the work. Modern cameras and phones can take great images on auto, but things can go very wrong too. This can result in dark images, blurry images or the on board flash popping up to light your subject. Your photographer will know how to use their equipment and will have manual control over their camera. They will be choosing their ISO, shutter speed and f-stop to ensure the image is well exposed. They will know their equipment in and out.

#6 – Photographers carefully re-touch your images if needed. We use products like photoshop and lightroom to ensure that your images are properly exposed, the colors are perfect and the image is polished to a professional level.

#5 – Attention to detail. Your photographer will pay attention to the detail. With newborn photography, babies are posed right down to the position of their hands. Blankets are smoothed out. Fabrics are ironed. Background clutter is removed. The time of day is carefully planned. Every part of the image and your session is carefully planned to ensure that you get the best images possible.

#4 – Fresh eyes. Your photographer will bring fresh eyes to your family and will look at your family in a unique way. They will offer suggestions and solutions that you haven’t seen or though of and this will result in images that you may not have thought to capture.

#3 – Investing in your home. One of the goals of most sessions is to produce images that will be enlarged and framed for the wall. This is an investment in your home and can enhance a room. You spend a lot of time and hard earned money furnishing your room, finishing it off with professional  images of your family only makes sense.

#2 – Professional photographers have a lot of training and experience. It takes years and a lot of hard work to hone photography skills. Your photographer will have spent a lot of time and money educating themselves on how to use compose your images and light them well to create a lovely gallery of images for you to choose from.

And the #1 reason is…

#1 – I believe that the number one reason to hire a professional photographer is that once that day is over or that time-frame has passed, it is now a precious memory and you will want the best images possible of those memories. This is even more important for those moments that cannot be relived, like weddings, maternity images, newborn images and other important milestones.  Please make sure you capture the best images possible, so you will always look at those images and smile warmly.  These photos will take you back to that time or that day, to a place where you can almost smell the flowers and touch the perfect newborn skin.  It is definitely worth hiring the best you can afford to capture those precious memories.


Easy to work with, very nice, and had great ideas. Would recommend to anyone!

Lexi Carter
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Meriam Buena’s Wedding

Questions to Ask Your Potential Photographer

We took the time to create this q&a for you to use when interviewing potential photographers.  Too many times clients get caught up in the financial aspects of a purchase such as photography when often the cheapest options are the lesser quality options, making the choices confusing.  Here are some questions that will help get you the best photographer for your family (not necessarily the cheapest).

  1. How long have you been in business?  A good indicator, the more business experience a photographer has the less likelihood that photographer is a hobbyist.
  2. Do you specialize in any one type of photography?  Photographers often specialize in one genre vs. another.  For example a photographer who specializes in newborn photography is not a good candidate to do group photography of a family of 20 unless they have had experience doing so.
  3. Do you have many repeat clients? A great litmus test of quality of not only photography but of customer service as well.
  4. Are there policies for rescheduling a session?  A photographer with their fair share of experience will have a policy set in place for almost any type of situation, rescheduling being one of the primary circumstances that necessitate a policy.  A photographer with policies isn’t a turn off, in fact this photographer has seen “it all” and is prepared and well thought out for almost any client situation.
  5. Have you had any experience with (name your specific concern)?   If the subject being photographed is a special needs child or if you have any other concern(s) regarding your child or family it is good to be aware if your photographer is adept at handling this sort of situation.  Do not rule out a photographer simply based on this question, many times the photographer who is experienced will be able to deal with any situation you hand them with adequate notice (the hallmark of a true pro!)
  6. Not so much a question but a simple gut feeling: personality and rapport matters.   A photographer’s main job is to capture emotions and moments, if your photographer doesn’t mesh well with you on the phone chances are you and your family will not mesh well with that photographer at the session and your images will look it.

If your photographer seems “off”, hesitates to answer any of these questions or has a personality that doesn’t seem to mesh well with yours: these are red flags.  Even if that photographer is cut throat cheap no amount of money is worth throwing at an opportunity to capture memories that will disappoint.  We have but one opportunity to capture THIS moment and there is nothing as disappointing as a horrible photography experience.

Things You Should Let Your Photographer Know When Book a Session

  1. If anyone has a disability that could affect interaction with the photographer/camera: doing so allows your photographer to have a leg up and research strategies for interacting with the subject pre-session and also allows you to open up a conversation with the photographer about potential issues when photographing this subject.
  2. Any scheduling conflicts (husband has to return to work after 12 noon…) so the photographer can work around those time constraints.
  3. Can you bring a snack?   If so, please make sure the snacks you bring aren’t sticky, gooey or messy (will melt, will discolor skin, etc.).
  4. Any times when the littlest of subjects will be getting cranky (getting hungry or needing a nap): it’s in everyone’s best interest is to avoid those times
  5. Names of subjects (again a good pro photographer will ask you themselves)
  6. Ages of subjects being photographed (if under 18).  A good professional photographer will ask you this information

This article was written by Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography and can be found at the Professional Child Photography site at