If you are having trouble trying to decide what to wear for your upcoming photo session, I would suggest contacting the following people I have met with and highly recommend.  There will be an additional charge in most cases, but if you are putting together a wardrobe for a photo that will last a lifetime, do you want to just "wing it"?  Unless you have a clear idea of what you should wear, I would suggest contacting them.

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Jennifer Niehouse - Kansas City's Wardrobe Specialist

Jennifer is a wardrobe stylist who edits, styles, and shops to help women, men, teens, pre-teens and the LGBT community. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Journalism at the University of Missouri. Following over 15 years working as a typography artist at Hallmark Cards, Jennifer turned her love of fashion into a full-time career. Her blog, it’s so U! is full of content that keeps Kansas City’s community looking effortlessly stylish all the time.

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