I'm a little uncomfortable about nudity.

Nudity is certainly not necessary and I will not push you to go further than you feel comfortable with.  I am a firm believer in that sexy isn't always about how much you show, it's all about how you show it and that leaving something to the imagination is sometimes much sexier than baring it all.

I'm too self conscious to do a boudoir session!

There’s no need worry, it is completely natural to feel this way.  I will guide you through every step of this experience.  From what to wear and through each pose.   I know exactly which angles to capture for all body types to make you look like the beautiful woman you are. You don't need to know how to pose, you won’t have to do any performing and won't be put on the spot. I will show you how to get those sexy poses and sultry looks.  My boudoir portrait sessions have been designed to allow plenty of time to relax and feel comfortable which really shows in the final images. So leave everything up to me … just relax and enjoy yourself!

I have a problem area, is there something you can do?

Regardless of age or body type, I specialize in offering all women an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal collection of stunning, modern boudoir portraits. Flattering your best features, I will provide you with something truly unique to show how you just how beautiful you are.  It is my firm belief that every woman is very different and has something incredible to capture.  My posing techniques and unique camera perspectives are designed to emphasize the positives and disguise any problem areas - and if I miss something while posing I'll make sure that it's taken care of in the photo finishing/retouching process. You'll never know. 

Will my session be with a female photographer?

No.  I am most definitely male and because I'm male, I can give you a perspective that female photographers can not.  I know that sometimes women have a tendency to judge each other when they are together, even if they don't talk about it.  And when it's not talked about openly, women sometimes have a tendency to feel they are being judged by other women around them.  I know that it might be awkward at first to do a boudoir photo shoot with a man, but I assure you that I'm completely professional and a gentleman. 

What do I wear for my session?

For hygenic reasons I cannot provide your wardrobe.  However, I can give you some fantastic recommendations based on a questionnaire that I have you fill out prior to your session.  I also created a Pinterest.com private board where I can share with you some suggestions and you can post some of your own for me!  Once you've scheduled your session I provide you with my recommendations for styling and preparing for your session.  If you're struggling at all during the preparation phase of this experience I am happy to schedule a complimentary styling consultation and together, we will create the look you want.  Some styling options include a simple bra and panty set, a corset, teddy, chemise, camisole, garters, thigh high stockings and robes. While black is the standard in sexy, all colors are great and give a nice variety of looks to your final images. Other options include variety of high heels, high boots, jewelry, scarves, hats, ties.  Feel free to bring anything with you to accessorize your shoot and make it a more personalized experience.

I'm ready to book a session.  What do I do now?

To book your session you may call the studio at (816) 200-7247 or you can book your session online by going to THIS LINK.  Please note that the session fee serves as a retainer of service and is required at booking in order to save your session date.