Oh No…. Another Change??

July 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ok, ok.  I’m a true Gemini which means that I’m never satisfied with the way things are.  I always am on the lookout for a better way or new way to do things that are interesting.  Yes, yes….I know it’s exasperating for those that try to keep up with me, but nonetheless, it’s what I do.  I’ve changed the way the site looks again…. sort of.  What I’m trying to do is give you, who look at my photos, the best viewing experience possible.  I’ve taken a look at countless examples and keep changing my mind on what to do.  So… in UN-Gemini fashion, I’m going to ask you what I should do?

Here’s your assignment:  Take a look at photos on the web (other than Google or Yahoo or search engine photos) and see which photos are displayed to you the best.  Format, colors, backgrounds, etc..  Do you like it against a dark or light background?  I personally always thought dark, but someone just recently told me that it’s best to view them against a light background because it’s easier on the eyes.  Really?  Hmm… I guess it’s possible.

Give me a website address, or a description, or some clue as to how you like to view photos.  To some, it probably doesn’t matter so much, but to others, they’ll skip a page rather than look at photos in a format they don’t like.  Ok, you have your assignment.  Report cards are at the end of the semester!



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