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Evidently this is more than just a little thing that you use to attach paper to a bulletin board. evidently is a website that people can go to to request certain services.  I guess it’s popular because within 20 minutes of my creating my profile, I had a request.  In the last couple hours I’ve had 4 requests.

Ok, here’s the rub.  As a photographer we pay to submit a quote to the person looking for the service.  That’s not so bad if you’re the only one talking to that person, but the way Thumbtack works is it sends requests for quotes to all “services” that meet the quote request.  The service provider then pays almost $8 to submit a quote to that person.  Sure, that’s all right if you’re established and have a steady income, but if you’re just getting underway, there’s absolutely no way to talk to the person requesting the information unless you pay.

So, I’m probably going to go back to the old-fashioned way of getting business…..word of mouth.  Take a look at my photos and see if it’s something you’d like.  If so, use my contact page to get in touch with me.  I’ll be happy to call you and discuss your needs.


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