I had my first exposure to photography (no pun intended) at the ripe old age of 18 when I applied and got a job doing discount photography in K-Marts and other department stores around the MidWest.  When you have an hour-long line of kids under 2 years old with their mothers, you begin to learn what is important and what isn't and you learn patience.  I realized pretty quickly that there was more to photography than just running people through a line and taking their photograph.  Needless to say, I looked for something else.  I found it.  I joined the Navy.


     When I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, I still found that I loved photography and found a job as a portrait photographer with Olan Mills Portrait Studios.  I loved this job.  No lines!  Well, that's not exactly true, but the line wasn't right next to where I was taking pictures and it was so much better. I also learned salesmanship at Olan Mills. Typically someone would come in for a free 8x10 that they had a coupon for and I would go through my standard set of portraits. Sometimes I got really lucky with a sitting. For instance, one time I had a mother bring a 3-day old baby in to have their picture taken. I knew that there wasn't much that I could do with what I was given at Olan Mills, but miracle of miracles, I got the baby to smile. Ok, maybe it was gas, but it was still a smile. I made a big deal out of it and eventually the mother ended up buying a lot of portraits.


     I found a job shortly after this working with Enzor Studios and it allowed my first foray into weddings. I assisted at a number of weddings until they thought I was ready to go at it alone. I loved the medium format Mamiyas film cameras that I used. My freezer was stuffed with rolls of 220 color film that I used to photograph weddings (which was the method of long-term storing film in those days). I did that for several years and loved it. Unfortunately, they went out of business and I became an unemployed photographer.


     My interest in computers developed out of my love for photography because while I was working for Enzor studios the industry started developing something called a "digital back" for my beloved Mamiya RB-67 that I used for weddings.  Because I had studied programming right out of the Navy, I eventually got a job as a COBOL programmer (go figure).   Long story short, I still loved photography and would take photos as often as I could but I spent the next 30 years in the I/T field.


     Years of practice have provided me with a patient and prepared eye that enables me to recognize and capture images as you would remember them if only you could seize that perfect instant.  I am very good at putting people at ease in front of the camera and pride myself on being able to provide my clients with a variety of images that are timeless, elegant, spontaneous and fresh.


     At times during a photo session, I work as a photojournalist, recording life as it unfolds, but most of my portraits are a collaboration between the myself and the person being photographed. I always have fun during a photo shoot and even the most reluctant subjects tell me that they had fun, too.  My work is usually done on location at your home or at a site of your choosing.  When you book a photography session, we will discuss possible locations.  The majority of my portraits incorporate elements of the environment and are shot using available light.  I do have portable backgrounds that I bring with me for more formal portraits, head shots and for anyone who prefers the studio.  If you choose, I can create a studio atmosphere in your home or office for your convienance.


     I am available to guide you every step of the way.  From questions about clothing to finding your best angle to choosing the best images, I am here to help you.


Organizations I belong to:

  • PPA - Professional Photographers of America - ID #8327862
  • Professional Photographer's Association of Greater Kansas City (board member)
  • Model Alliance
  • Missouri Professional Photographers Association - ID# 30677496
  • American Photography Association


  • Currently working on my CPP certification (as of 5/16)